Group works to reunite brides-to-be with dresses left abandoned by store’s closure

It’s been nearly four months since Alfred Angelo’s filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, forcing them to close all 62 of their stores nationwide.
The closure left many brides-to-be across the metro without wedding dresses for their big days.
“These girls fall in love with their dress,” said Terie Loftus, a former Alfred Angelo employee.

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Loftus and others did what they could to help Oklahoma City women who were left without dresses.
“Myself and a few other Alfred Angelo ex-employees decided to try and purchase the inventory,” she said.
They created Dream Liquidators and are selling abandoned merchandise. They acquired eight gowns that were already paid in full and left behind by brides who can now get them.
“It just didn’t sit right with us as employees that girls paid for these gowns and didn’t get them,” Loftus said.
She said they’ve already connected one dress with a mother of the bride. The powerful reunion is why the group from Dream Liquidators want to return the dresses to the right owners.
But tracking down the brides-to-be has been tough.
“Some have names on them, the weddings have passed. We want those girls to come in, show us their receipt and we’ll give them their gown,” Loftus said.
A New York City cop being hailed a hero after Tuesday's terror attacks in lower Manhattan said he and his colleagues were just doing their jobs.

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